Tailor made full featured photography website with client proofing area's

  • Create a visually appealing, fast, easy-to-navigate website that showcases the client's photography portfolio.

  • Develop a secure client proofing area where clients can review, provide feedback, and approve photos.

  • Build a platform that is easy to update and manage without the need to code for managing content in any way.

Technologies Used:

1. Headless CMS: The client wanted to easily manage content on their website without technical expertise. To facilitate this, we decided to use a headless Content Management System (CMS). This way, the client can manage the content separately from the presentation layer, offering greater flexibility and ease of use.

2. Next.js: For the frontend, we decided on Next.js - a React-based framework that provides capabilities for server-side rendering and generating static websites. This helps improve website performance and SEO.

3. Node.js: Node.js is utilized for developing the backend of the client proofing area. It enables the website to handle numerous client interactions concurrently due to its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, making it highly scalable and efficient.

4. MongoDB: This NoSQL database was chosen for its flexible schema, scalability, and speed. It would store user profiles, photo data, and feedback/review data in the proofing area.


For the website's frontend, I used Next.js to create interactive UIs that loaded quickly and performed well on various devices. The headless CMS, based on DatoCMS, allowed for regularly update content – such as adding new photos to the portfolio or updating client lists – without any developer assistance.

I developed the client proofing area using a combination of Next.js and MongoDB. This system allowed clients to log in, view their assigned photo galleries, leave comments, and mark their approval status.

All the client interactions, photo data, and feedback information were stored in MongoDB. Given MongoDB's document-based structure, it was ideal for storing this unstructured data and could be easily queried when required.


A modern, attractive, and easy-to-use platform to showcase photography work. The client proofing area has streamlined workflow, allowing for more effective communication and quicker project completion times. The choice of technology stack has also ensured the platform remains robust, scalable, and easy to manage for the future, making it easy to incorporate future features and wishes without any vendor lock in.