Ticket solution Dominicanenklooster Zwolle

The Dominicanenklooster in Zwolle, a historical monastery and a widely popular venue for diverse cultural and spiritual events, faced a complex problem. Their existing ticketing process was inflexible and time-consuming, making it difficult to manage sales and causing delays at entry points during events. They needed a streamlined, automated system that would handle online ticket sales efficiently, provide a fast method for ticket verification, and offer an easy-to-use interface for volunteer and staff.


The Dutch Lab with extensive experience in developing robust and user-friendly digital solutions, was brought on board to solve this challenge. The goal was to create a comprehensive online ticket solution that would streamline the process from ticket purchase to event entry.

1. Online Ticket Sales: The first step was to design and implement a web-based platform for selling tickets. This e-commerce solution was integrated with the Dominicanenklooster's existing website, enabling users to purchase tickets directly. The platform was designed to be responsive, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices.

2. Ticket Verification: To facilitate quick, inexpensive and error-free ticket validation at the event location, The Dutch Lab utilized an existing mobile application for scanning QR codes printed on online tickets. On the event day, staff members could use the app to scan the tickets, which would cross-verify them against the database and confirm their validity in real-time. The app also maintained a tally of validated tickets to prevent duplication and fraud.

Technology Stack

The online ticket solution was built using a modern and robust technology stack. The website was developed using JavaScript with a Node.js backend. MongoDB was used for the database, and the secure payment gateway was implemented using the Mollie API.


The implementation of the online ticket solution transformed the ticketing process for Dominicanenklooster without any disruption for customers and visitors. The QR code scanning app improved entry point efficiency, eliminating the hassle of manual checking and the risk of counterfeit tickets.


The online ticket solution proved to be a proper upgrade for Dominicanenklooster in Zwolle, enabling them to manage high-volume ticket sales and event entries effectively. The project showcased how a thoughtfully designed and well-executed digital solution can transform operations and enhance customer experience in a cultural institution.