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The Dutch Lab partners with marketing agencies and organisations to create user driven web experiences

While working on any project, user privacy and application resillience are things kept in mind continuously.
Modern frameworks & toolsNext.js / Headless / API'sOut of the box development
Agile without the hassleNext.js / Headless / API'sAvailable and responsive
No bloated pluginsNext.js / Headless / API'sIntegrations and automations
Up close and personalNext.js / Headless / API'sDevelopment partner


Building the web with modern tools which make you flexible.


Yes I do agile, still being able to make room for ad-hoc changes.


You're unique? So are your needs. The Dutch Lab provides you efficient solutions.


The main reason I'm here. I am in it for the long run.

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Contributing to open environmental data.

Open data, provided by the community is underestimated

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